The Mission



Dauntless Defense is on a mission to provide you with the most technologically advanced training, shooting simulation and entertainment in a comfortable environment.

We will work relentlessly to provide state-of-the-art simulator training equipment to our members so they can take responsibility for their own safety and feel more informed and confident with firearms for their self and home defense.

Take Responsibility for your safety.
Be Ready. Be Bold.

"My former husband was an LAPD police officer, and as a woman I have to admit, I was originally pretty uncomfortable being around his guns. Over time with training I became more comfortable and confident about gun safety and felt if I ever had to use one to protect myself or a loved one, I could. This class and the "no live fire" simulator is a great way to learn and practice gun safety as well as perfect the mechanics and muscle memory necessary to act under a stressful environment. Shooting competitively with friends and my husband is also a whole lot of fun too."

We're currently partnering with a martial arts studios, MMA and Cross Fit gyms or any business with the right synergy in the Antelope Valley and Santa Clarita.  Contact us to learn about revenue share opportunities.

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