Firearms Training

Firearms Training

Currently Dauntless Defense offers two handgun classes for adults and two for children 8-17. Teens as young as 15 will be permitted to take the adult class with a parent and parents can take the children’s class with their children. The courses are very similar except that the children’s class emphasizes safety and shooting sports, whereas the adult course emphasizes defensive use of handguns.

We do not run defense simulations with children- children learn safety and gun proficiency with fun drills, games and IDPA style shooting competitions. We are big believers in exposing children to safe use of guns- the evidence shows that kids with gun knowledge will be less likely to have a gun accident if they gain unauthorized access. You might be 100% responsible but others may be negligent with guns and allow kids to gain access- protect your kids with knowledge.

All classes are taught by certified NRA instructors or law enforcement officers. All classes include ample time on our state of the art simulator with real firearms and realistic training guns.


Fundamental Pistol

(All ages) :: 2hrs
Gun safety including the 4 universal safety rules. Operating and handling common semi automatic handguns. Marksmanship: grip, stance, sight alignment and trigger control. Drills, fun shooting competitions and hundreds of virtual rounds fired. Situational awareness, basic malfunction clearing, and an overview of shooting sports. A must for any new shooter and a good refresher for experienced shooters.   

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Defensive Pistol

(Ages 17+) :: 2hrs
Review of safety and basic shooting. Complete overview of malfunctions. Shooting sports drills and speed. Discussion of movement efficiency. Moral and Legal use of force with realistic video scenario training. For anyone who owns a gun and/or wants to better understand self defense and use of force. 

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Shooting Sports

(All ages) :: 2 hours
An overview of popular shooting sports combined with fun competitions on our shooting simulator. Includes trap and skeet shooting with shotguns. 


Future classes will be offered on tactical rifle (AR15) , shotgun and advanced shooting techniques.


Dauntless @ Your Space

Bring your clients the only available law enforcement level simulator training.
Dauntless brings our mobile lab, you supply the space.

Perfect for MMA, Martial Arts, gun clubs, scouts, and any other group with an interest in firearms training and self defense. Generate some additional revenue on a day you are normally empty, bring in some new potential clients.

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Live Fire Range Time

We will meet you at a local range and allow you to shoot several firearms. We will schedule these on demand and base the cost on several factors.