Self Defense Shooting in South Carolina

Self Defense Shooting in South Carolina

Posted by on Jul 19, 2015 in Stories of Defense |

Justin Harrison was eating at a Waffle House when two armed men held it up. Menacing the customers and robbing them one at a time. Harrison decided to act and when one of the robbers- Dante Williams approached him gun drawn- Harrison fired on him killing him. The other robber then wrestled for Harrison’s gun before fleeing the scene.

Harrison acted appropriately and legally; his life was threatened and he was innocent in the confrontation. It is also important to point out that he did not act as a vigilante he only acted when the robber approached him with a gun. He did not shoot the fleeing robber either. He could have even shot the men when their backs were turned and been justified but he used discretion and waited until he was personally threatened.

Many will second guess Harrison and say that if he’d complied no one had to die. This may or may not be true- Harrison had a decision to make- was he going to trust his life to a armed robber or defend himself.


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